Pipe Lifter

Pipe Lifter

Pipe Lifter – for Efficient Pipe Placement

Together with Basal and Skjæveland Cementstøperi we have developed an efficient and safer way to lift and mount concrete and PVC pipes.

The pipe lifter can be mounted with most known coupler and combine with rotor tilt and the machines GPS for mor flexible and accurate work environment. We can make it to fit models from SN200 to DN2400.


Model No. Weight (kg) Pipe size Ø (mm) Max. weight (kg) Max. length (mm)
Pipelifter Type 1 KMGR-71 290 200 - 600 1100 2250
Pipelifter Type 2 KMGR-390 600 300-1200 3300 2250
Pipelifter Type 3 KMGR-950 2000 1400 - 2000 6000 2250
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