Wear parts

Standard Wear Parts

We have a wide range of standard wear parts that we produce ourselves. All of our buckets come with our standard wear parts unless our costumers request other parts. The wear parts that are considered standard are the bottom plate of the hull, wear ribs, curved edge ribs, side ribs and front plate/planer plate. When it comes to replacement of wear parts on a Klepp Mek bucket, we can provide the exact parts that were initially used to produce the bucket. All the wear parts that we produce ourselves are made of Hardox 450/500 steel.

Custom Wear Parts

We also produce a range of specialized wear parts. Examples of these are milk teeth, welded cutting edges (between teeth), inner bottom plate for hull, inner wear ribs, special made front plates and wear edges. All of these are also made of Hardox 450/500 steel.

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