Custom Made Buckets

We specialize in tailor made buckets. There is no better way to make contractors happy than to serve them a custom made bucket on a silver plate.

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EPS – Safety System for Quick Couplers, KM1-KM5

EPS-system for Couplers KM1-KM5 In order to satisfy demands from the industry, Klepp Mek has developed the sensor ESP-system for

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Klepp Mek has launched the FuelSave bucket. The quality is maintained, and it is produced in the same good traditional

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Rental Group`s Choice of Safety System for Couplers

Building roads needs quality equipment. That is why Rental Group chose our brand for their 25 new Cat 352FL and

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Need to manufacture something?

We have a total of 11 CNC- machines with different sizes and specifications to serve your need. We can lathe,

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Klepp Mek – Photo Story

Here at Klepp Mek we take extreme pride in our work and quality. We call our self EKTAHARDHAUS (local slang

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