FuelSave is a range of buckets that are lighter than regular buckets. Throughout the years the steel quality has been improved which makes it possible to reduce the dimensions of the bucket. In short, the buckets can have the same life expectancy as that of previous generations of buckets, but with lighter weight, less fuel consumption and at a fairer price.

If one compares FuelSave to ordinary buckets, one can expect a weight reduction between 10 and 17%. This also results in less fuel consumption. The price reduction can be between 7 and 11%.

Many of our easyload- and standard buckets are available in FuelSave versions. Of course, with the tooth system of your choice and as always, produced with Hardox steel.

The technical drawings are meant serve as examples. Weight may vary with teeth or other configurations.


FuelSave Standard Buckets

Volume (liters) Model Width (mm) Weight (kg)
400 040S075-FS 820 270
700 075S086-FS 950 585
900 090S098-FS 1070 780
1000 095S098-FS 1070 820
1150 105S098-FS 1100 1000
1350 125S113-FS 1240 1170

FuelSave EasyLoad Buckets

Volume (liters) Model Width (mm) Weight (kg)
1250 105SLS119-FS 1320 1165
1350 105SLS132-FS 1460 1250
1500 125SLS125-FS 1375 1240
1700 150SLS132-FS 1460 1500
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