We have developed our own Ripper implementing KVX tooth-systems – made for extreme wear over time. Our efficient design makes it fast and easy to change wear parts. With our own KM Quick Coupler, it is an efficient tool that can be used alongside our other products.

It`s often used as an alternative for explosives. Our rippers are used in South-African diamond mines.

We recommend sizing up to a bigger tooth for heavy duty work conditions.

“Ready to penetrate anything!”

Klepp Mek Ripper with KVX Tooth-System:


Model Connector type Tooth system Tooth Weight (kg) pdf
KM70HD KM70 M60 2bolt 440010 720 pdf
RT04 KM40 M27 2bolt 171897 83 pdf
RT05 KM50 M27 2bolt 171897 110 pdf
RT05 KM50 M36 2bolt 171951 120 pdf
RT1 KM1 M48 2bolt 131273 430 pdf
RT2 KM2 M48 2bolt 171273 600 pdf
RT2HD KM2 M60 2bolt 440010 1040 pdf
RT3 KM3 M60 2bolt 440010 1300 pdf
RT4 KM4 M68 2bolt 340259 1900 pdf
RT60 KM60 M36 2bolt 171951 380 pdf
RT60 KM60 M48 2bolt 131273 400 pdf
RT70 KM70 M48 2bolt 131273 520 pdf
RT70HD KM70 M52 2bolt 440029 700 pdf
RT80 KM80 M60 2bolt 440010 1080 pdf
RT80 HD KM80 M68 2bolt 340259 1140 pdf
RT90 KM90 M60 2bolt 440010 1140 pdf
RT90HD KM90 M68 2bolt 340259 1200 pdf
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